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Continuous Hanging Overhead Rail Travel Metal Shot Blasting Machine
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Product Description


  Continuous Hanging Overhead Rail Travel Metal Shot Blasting Machinery      



Main technical parameters of overhead rail shot blasting machine:

Item           Model QG382C QG383C QG384C QG483H QG485H
Productivity(hook/h) 35-55 38-50 60-120 20 30-40
Hook running speed(m/min) 0.35-3 0.35-3 0.35-3 3.0-8.0 3.0-8.0
Loading capacity of single hook(kg) 240 300 400 300 500
Hook spacing(mm) 600-800 600-800 600-1000 600*1000 600-1000
Abrasive flow rate(kg/min) 4*200 4*250 6*250 2*250 4*250
Lifting capacity(t/h) 45 60 90 30 60
Separating capacity(t/h) 45 60 90 30 60
Abrasive diameter(mm) Φ0.5-2 Φ0.5-2 Φ1.5-3 Φ1.5-2.5 Φ1.5-2.5
Abrasive initial filling capacity(mm) 1200 1500 2000 1100 2000
Ventilation capacity(m3/h) 8000 10480 14500 5000 10480
Chamber dimension(mm) 5000*1800*3200 5000*2200*2600 6000*2600*3000 2900*1800*3200 5000*2600*2900
Overall dimension(mm) Φ(500-700)*1600 Φ(500-700)*1600 Φ(500-850)*1900 Φ(500-900)*1600 Φ(500-900)*1600
Workpiece dimension(mm) 116000*2700*6450 11810*3200*7250 15300*3700*7700 11450*3100*6450 9450*3700*7250
Pit depth(mm) no pit depth ~1800 ~2100 no pit depth ~1800 power(kw) 73.1 82.8 131.7 52.8 83.15


Item                       Model QG4810H QG583H QG585H QG5810H
Productivity(hook/h) 40-60 40 40 40
Hook running speed(m/min) 3.0-8.0 0.8-3.0 0.8-3.0 0.8-3.0
Loading capacity of single hook(kg) 1000 300 500 1000
Hook spacing(mm) 700-1400 500-900 500-1000 500-1300
Abrasive flow rate(kg/min) 6*250 4*250 6*250 6*330
Lifting capacity(t/h) 90 60 90 120
Separating capacity(t/h) 90 60 90 120
Abrasive diameter(mm) Φ1.5-2.5 Φ1.5-2.5 Φ1.5-3 Φ1.5-2.5
Abrasive initial filling capacity(mm) 3000-4000 2000 2000 4000
Ventilation capacity(m3/h) 14500 10480 14500 18000
Chamber dimension(mm) 3062*2600*3000 3200*2200*2800 3200*2400*3000 3200*2800*3800
Overall dimension(mm) Φ(6001300)*1900 Φ(400-800)*1600 Φ(400-800)*1900 Φ(400-1200)*2200
Workpiece dimension(mm) 9450*3700*7700 13250*3400*7250 13250*4200*7700 17650*6625*8300
Pit depth(mm) ~2100 ~1800 ~2100 ~2400 power(kw) 114.72 83.5 73.15 188





a.High quality surface appearance

b.High productivity efficiency

c.Low cost

d.Environmental friendly




Q38/Q48/Q58 series is suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening of castings,forgings and steel structure,especially suitable for industries such as automobile,tractor,diesel engine,motor,valve,and the workpieces have complicated surface and inner cavities such as cylinder blocks,engine covers and motor cases.


Packaging & Shipping


Packaging: pallet and wooden box

Delivery time : within 30 work days after confirmed deposit

Why choose us

       Qingdao Qinggong machinery co., Ltd. is located in the new west coast economic zone of Qingdao,our geographical position is superior and the land,sea and air transportation is convenient.The company has been engaged in the research, development and manufacture of shot blast machinery for more than 20 years,and has the abundant technical force and richproduction experience.

       Qinggong has close cooperation with several scientific research institutions and has a professional and powerful design team of surface preparation machinery which makes the company have an indispensable status in the machinery industry.

       To facilitate the installation and maintenance,we have established more than 60 offices all over the world,and developed a very strict management system on these offices.Our fully trained technicians are available or on call 24 hours a day,7 days a week.


Our Products Including:

♣Horizontal movable shot blasting machine   ♣Stone shot blasting machine

♣Stone litchi surface shot blasting machine     ♣Through type steel plate shot blasting machine

♣Steel structure shot blasting machine             ♣Profile steel shot blasting machine

♣Roller conveyor shot blasting machine           ♣Hook type shot blasting machine

♣Tumble belt shot blasting machine                  ♣Hanging chain shot blasting machine

♣Rotary table shot blasting machine                 ♣Steel pipe internal and external shot blasting machine

♣Sand mixer                                                         ♣Resin sand regeneration line

♣Environment friendly dust collecting equipment




1. How about the Delivery time?

Lead time since receipt of 30% T/T deposit payment: 45 days. Samples will be prepared within 5 Days.


2. What kind of payments does jenor support?

T/T, L/C, Western Union, PayPal & Cash are accepted.


3. Can you produce according to customers' design?

Yes, we are professional manufacturer; OEM and ODM are both welcome.



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